Tarot Card Reading In Corporate/Wedding/College Events

MONICA AGRAWAL is very well known and famous celebrity Tarot Reader and Reiki Grand Master Teacher, Ace Numerologist, Spiritual Life Coach, highly intuitive and accurate, helped lot of people through her creative and divine solutions. She is also into Angel Card Readings, providing solutions through candle healing, giving charged candles to manifest goals, crystal healings, Angel Therapy, Reiki And crystal products, life coaching, meditation, bach flower remedies, trance session, numerology, and cord cutting sessions etc.  People from all around the world contacts her for solutions and bringing positivity in their life. She is very positive person and hold God gifted high amount of energies. She has been successfully arranging reiki courses, tarot reading sessions over phone, inperson or in big events, celebrity events, wedding and corporates.

Tarot is a divination tool which gives accurate readings and predictions when used by a trained and attuned tarot professional. It has 78 cards deck with divine images on the same. Every image has their unique and divine meaning which can only be read by Tarot Reader with help of intuition, clairvoyance and angels.

  • Tarot reading sessions upto 45 min consists of full reading on any aspect of your life or focusing on any question going in your mind or life.
  • Tarot reading via phone is also available. There is no difference in accuracy as tarot reader has power to access the energy via distant mode also.
  • Tarot solutions to your problems.
  • Angel card reading. Same method but cards are angelic and attuned to higher angels reading. Specifically used to get universe messages for the person and guidance.
  • Candle healing and charged candles for goal manifesting.
  • Tarot and candle spell .  A very effective method which has solution to any of your problem which directly works with your subconscious mind, soul and universe and makes things miraculously possible.
Basic course:
Duration: 3 days
Tarot reader
  • History and origin of tarot
  • Major arcana cards meanings upright and reverse
  • Minor arcana. Meanings upright and reverse
  • Meditation
  • Third eye activation techniques
  • Attunement to cards
  • Attunement for card reading
  • Spreads
  • How to clear ur cards, charging your cards, storing your cards
  • Practical real readings practice
Includes:  Tarot deck, manuals and kit
Tarot Advance course:
Professional Tarot reader and Teacher
Duration:  10 days
  • Basic course of tarot inclusive of all syllabus of basic course Plus Angel Reading & Osho Zen Reading
  • Basics of astrology
  • Basics of tarot numerology
  • Candle healing
  • Tarot card as meditation tool and spell for manifesting wishes
  • Practical session of tarot spell
  • Attunement giving skills and training
  • Advance tarot spreads and making your own spread
  • Meditations advance
  • Angel card readings
Includes:  tarot deck, tarot book, manual and kit, candles, box and spreadsheet,
Some common tarot and candle spell provided in written.
Reiki Attunements and courses
Reiki level 1
  • Meditation
  • Aura fields
  • What is reiki and history
  • Reiki principles
  • Attunement
  • 24 body position
  • Healing yourself, others, animals, plants and all touch mode
  • How to protect your energy
  • How to clear your and others aura
Reiki 2
  • Clearing blocks meditation
  • Attunement
  • 3 symbols
  • Distant healing
  • Goal manifestation
  • Crystal knowledge
  • 7 chakras
  • Basics of colour effects and therapy
Reiki 3 a Master Healer
  • Om meditation
  • Attunemeny
  • Master symbol
  • Distant healing
  • Crystal grid healing and forming grid
  • Seeing auras
  • Third eye opening
  • Pyschic surgery and attack
  • Removal of deep negative blocks
  • Self protection
Reiki 3 b Master teacher
  • Attunement
  • Master symbol
  • Special meditation who am i
  • Strenghtening third eye
  • Giving attunements of all above reiki levels
  • Teaching and how to set up your own workshop
  • Connecting to much higher vibration and energies
Reiki Grandmastership is only given on case to case basis and to selected candidates after measuring their energy field and journey and purpose.
  • Reiki Manual 1
  • Reiki Manual 2
  • Reiki Manual 3 a
  • Reiki Manual master teacher
  • Reiki Manual Grandmaster
  • Charged candles of all colours
  • Tarot spells and candle process for purpose and charged

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